This is Snicky, a two year old miniature pinscher rescue dog who has many friends and many exciting adventures.  Follow along with Snicky as he battles an evil brown monkey and a polka dot tiger.  After a hard day of saving the world, Snicky shows that he can doze off anywhere and demonstrates his techniques for snoozing successfully.

Welcome To Snicky Books!

At Snicky Books, we're dedicated to helping parents and children get a good night's sleep.  The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep and Snicky Goes To Slumberland are the perfect books to get your child in the mood for bedtime.


As parents, we've all been there.  You're exhausted but your child isn't.  Your toddler is wired but you're not.  Telling a child to go to sleep doesn't work because telling kids what to do usually obtains the opposite result.  That's why I wrote two books about a tiny little dog that loves to sleep.

Snicky Books are self-published.  Our soft and hard cover books are available at which is a lovely company that provides the software for authors to write, organize and publish their books.  I am happy to report that any books ordered and shipped in the U.S. are Made In America!